Did Tesla really predicted neutrinos faster than light?

October 13th, 2011

“It seems that all my research suggests the conclusion that these are tiny particles that are so weak that they can reasonably be called neutrons. They move rapidly beyond the speed of light” said Nikola Tesla on 10th of July in 1932.

After last week, CERN scientists and Opera announced the discovery of neutrinos that travel faster than light which sparked fans of Tesla’s life and work all around the world to rush to refer to these allegations and to conclude that the great scientist was on the right tracks once again. The idea quickly took attention of some of the media.

Sadly, a glimpse into the source of the above quotation shows that the genius of our quote above is actually talking about the so-called cosmic rays and not about neutrinos per se. Namely, in the same interview Tesla describes how cosmic rays could run a small device. “Attractive properties of cosmic rays is in their constancy. They bombard us 24 hours a day and a future research would initiate discussion whether we should have facilities to store energy produced by them as they should be central to the wind, tide or light” said Tesla in the same interview.

In explaining his thoughts, Tesla said that “cosmic rays ionize the air and release charged particles – ions and electrons” adding “These charges are collected capacitors that discharge through the motor coil. I hope to be able to build the engine on a large scale utilizing this power but the circumstances are not yet ready.”‘

The particles being talked about in Tesla interview are actually neutrinos, who do not enter into any interactions with matter, according to Tesla they interact only with cosmic rays and they are mainly composed of charged protons, nuclei and electrons and occasionally antiparticle. Furthermore, he never had found that the cosmic rays travel faster than light.

The motion of any particle, including neutrinos, faster than light is not in accordance with Einstein’s theory of relativity but with some additional assumptions, such as the existence of particles of an imaginary mass – so called tahions – and the existence of extra dimensions as well as quantum gravity.

But even if we accept the idea that Tesla talked about neutrinos (terms neutrons and neutrinos have not yet been clearly defined in 1932 – neutrinos were postulated by Wolfgang Pauli in 1930 and he called them ‘neutrons’ while in 1956 Clyde Cowan and Frederick Reines actually did a scientific proof of them) the facts show that he has never proved that the mysterious particles travel faster than light nor they show whether he has ever published any scientific study on this issue.

No matter how we respect the work of Nikola Tesla, it is important to understand that he is not always right in his assumptions because despite being a genius scientist he was just a man. For example in the same year of 1932 he claimed to be able to specify power to travel faster than light and also rejected the theory of relativity which later has been proved very successful in the interpretation of many phenomena of the precession of Mercury’s perihelion black holes all down through to the gravitational lens.

This trial-error theoretizing applies to other giants of science as well – it seems that in every genius lies a bit of a lunatic. The founder of the mechanics, great Isaac Newton was delighted with alchemy and the last years of his life were spent decrypting the Book of Revelation in order to determine the exact date of end of the world. Albert Einstein rejected the idea that the universe is expanding, even though he announced his own theory of relativity. Same as Johannes Kepler who has not bathed because he was convinced that washing causes the disease.

Unfortunately for science, Tesla’s extraordinary deeds together with many strange unfinished projects but also a strange statements and interests later in his life attracted a large pseudo-science followers base after his death. The “fanatic followers” to whom he revered as a prophet or a guru are actually harming his scientific reputation, which was already in turmoil due to some resourceful scientists appropriating part of his valuable patents.

What is a neutrino?

Neutrino is electrically neutral subatomic particle of weak interactions and very low mass. It actually occurs in three forms with different masses of the lightest of which can be inserted. Being neutral, it passes through matter with almost no interaction “as being shot through the fog.” Since there is no charge, it does seem that no electromagnetic force can act upon then as opposed to the electrons. The neutrino only affects weak nuclear force whose range is much shorter, the entrance and the gravitational interaction with other particles. The origin of the radioactive decay or nuclear reactions such as those that occur on the Sun.

Back to the drawing table – Eurozone

September 16th, 2011

The European community idea

EUThis was not a new idea once the EC started to take shape. In one form or another European countries have sought a way to unite either in political or economical sense since the World War II. Finally with the fall of the iron curtain in the early 1990 the time was ripe to form the shape of the European community like we see today. With Germany and France together with England as a locomotive engine, the vast amount of fertile land in the eastern block and major share of natural resources the EC has had its path stoned for a success.

Bad apples

However during the transition and the acceptance of various treaties of European community the problems arose. The same ones Euro skeptics were being vocal about for years before the union saw the light of the day. First of, the union started as a partnership between large economies of Germany, France and England for the most part. Later it has included some of less developed lands in the Eurozone and finally accepted some of the countries of the former Eastern Block. On every expansion the EC has had to deal with new issues and thus new treaties were signed where Eurozone aka EC has become a partnership of greater and lesser countries with lesser being the ones needing to improve and grow before they can enjoy the full partnership. This in turn sparked a strong anti EC movement across the Eurozone especially in the newly accepted member countries.

Monetary unification

While the question of lesser and greater countries is more of a political nature and frankly it does hold the argument the question of unique monetary politic is more of an economic one. With the introduction of the Euro currency at the beginning of the century most member countries have welcomed the idea and the opportunity this has created. However even in its inception the Euro has had its fate strongly bound by the greater countries economies and thus making them the say when it comes to economic development and investment. The downfall of this politic is in the fact that Eurozone and member countries of EC are very different even the greater ones in economic sense. They all hold their national monetary and macroeconomic politic differently and have different ideas about the future investment, savings and global economic growth. This has lead the EC to try to introduce the European Parliament idea where all the member countries would choose their representatives and make the EC act as one entity to the outside world in economic and political sense

The downfall of European Parliament idea

To actually implement the European Parliament idea in the Eurozone the politicians and country leaders have to ask the people of their respective countries about this crucial change and adjust their countries statutes in order to make it happen. This is a huge undertaking and thus far has been voted down by both Denmark and France and it is very weakly supported in other member countries according to the public polls. The idea is most likely doomed now and in the light of recent events with member countries like Greece and other turmoil in the Eurozone, now would be a very bad moment to enforce it further.

The future – back to the drawing table

The crucial problem of the united monetary system and bundled economies of lesser and greater countries in the Eurozone is that there is always a way to have the greater salvage the lesser in order to keep the wheels turning. This is a good idea for the long term but a very bad one for the short term because greater have to bear the burden of their own citizens arguing that they are salvaging the lesser for no visible gain for them – of course using the taxpayers money. There is no practical explanation to the voters that the lesser will become full fledged members in, oh, 20 years when politicians term is 4 years also there is no way explaining to the people of Greece that they are now being in a downfall due to years of neglect and that they need to pay back what they have loaned because people do not feel that they are responsible when in fact they are the same voters voting for the leaders making the loan in the first place. However the greater problem is that greater countries citizens are having enough of the stories and do not want to see their downfall with Greece hanging on their neck.  Ergo the monetary union needs diversification and fast. Since the parliament idea dropped out of the popular vote, an economic diversification and monetary ranking in the form of GDP where countries having less than measured percentage of GDP per capita could not even introduce Euro as their currency would be in order.

Ten years after the collapse of WTC

September 12th, 2011

WTC CollapseTen years after the 09/11/2001, a day of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, America has marked the anniversary of the death of 3.000 people which greatly changed the course of history not  just in the United States but in the world as whole.

Terrorism still threatens

The first plane struck the WTC at 8:46AM local time, a second one at 9:03AM. The third commercial plane attack has took place in 9:37AM and the fourth hijacked aircraft crashed at 10:03AM in a field near Pennsylvania after passengers have attacked the kidnappers. The U.S. President Barack Obama has yesterday morning together with his predecessor George W. Bush attended the anniversary of the Zero Ground, where the New York City now has a memorial size of three acres. This was the first marking of the tragedy after the head of al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden was killed in action of the U.S. special forces. People read the names of those killed, a minute of silence marked the time when two planes hit the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the two thousand people that have been killed in New York at the time, and the exact time has been marked of the attack on the Pentagon in Washington and the crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton has compared the events in the aircraft that crashed in Pennsylvania with what they have done in the fort, the Alamo defenders or Termopilsk gorge 2.500 years ago. “With a large and important difference, they were soldiers. They knew what to do. Passengers on Flight 93 that were not, but across the country have given a precious gift, they saved the capital, many lives and deny al-Qaeda a symbolic victory by destroying the center of the U.S. government” said Clinton. President Barack Obama at a ceremony has read Psalm 46, which speaks of God as a “refuge and strength” and “very-present help in trouble”. After the ceremony the U.S. president flew to Pennsylvania to be present on the anniversary of attacks. Anniversary of the attacks was marked around the globe, from Paris, Madrid, Australia to Japan. Pope Benedict XVI prayed for the victims of terrorist attacks and their loved ones and urged the world to counter what he called “challenges of hatred”. Terrorists have tried to “celebrate” 09/11 on their own sick way so they attacked an American military base in Afghanistan with a truck bomb. The blast wounded about 80 U.S. soldiers and has killed two Afghan civilians.

The New York Times

6.200 Americans have been killed during the ten years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have spent billions of dollars, The New York Times reported. In the ten years we have spent billions on security and war while Al-Qaeda has spent about $500.000 for the collapse of WTC and the attack on the Pentagon. On the other hand the United States pour 3.300 billion dollars, half of them to finance the cost of the war, according to NYT.


Yes there are those who see things differently according to the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who said yesterday that the U.S. used the attacks of 09/11 as excuses to launch a war against Iraq and Afghanistan. Ahmadinejad said the U.S. launched those wars to solve their economic problems. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad wrote on his blog that the Arabs themselves could not come up with and execute these attacks. ”It is not inconceivable” for U.S. President George Bush to lie about who was responsible for 09/11, he wrote.

Great Depression

September 4th, 2011

Great Depression of the 1930s has remained an intellectual challenge for most macroeconomists. The current governor of the U.S. Federal Reserve has been calling it “the holy grail of macroeconomics”. The importance of the Great Depression stems from its two essential consequences. The first consequence is the intellectual progress in the development of macroeconomics and this is where crisis has been initiated. The second consequence is related to changes in economic system and the role of the economic policy of the state, the same policy that has dominated until the 1970s when there has been a great return of the market and neoliberalism on the world economic scene. Although the economic crisis of the 1930s is a very important macroeconomic event that cannot be compared with any other in economic history, we do still have open questions regarding its sources, transmission mechanisms, primarily makers of the economic mistakes and policies which have caused or influenced the crisis development.

Today we do realize that the Great Depression originated in the United States, and that 80% of the crisis hit the U.S. alone. However, for accurate analysis of the crisis a comparative approach is required that simultaneously consider economic trends and events in various countries in order to detect which channels are the depresion pressures and which trends spread between countries. Of course, the economic developments that preceded the crisis were significant
varied among countries.

After the First World War there has been a repositioning of a world power and influence. Pre-War Europe was the world center of industry and capital.  However, heavy fighting that took over the nations and the War fought on the soil of Europe together with the massive destruction have devastated the European economy and caused damage which was impossible to recover throughout the interwar period. The U.S. became a global supplier of the world’s money and industrial goods.

The American economic boom that began during the war, continued until the Great Depression 1929th, with brief interruption due to the economic crisis between 1920 and 1921. The word has had a classic cyclical upswing so that the growth is related to all of the macroeconomic indicators. Characteristic of this enthusiasm was also a significant credit expansion, which has monitored and increased demand for capital. Credit expansion is related to the lending to the U.S. economy and also the placement of funds in other economies among the largest debtor was Germany.

The crisis has started in the money sector making many of the valuables like stocks options and money itself lose their value over night. The panic initiation of the sell phase where all the valuables lost thier value was in part rising fear and anger over increasing gap between middle and low class making an artificial push to a handful of upper class and millions of poor low class.

We have seen money and valuables sector part collapse in 2008 but goverments have much more instruments at their disposal nowaday thus making the crisis of 2008 just a recession. However indicators were strong even before 2008 so smart question is how and why this has not been preempted? Even the Dot Com Bubble Burst has been predicted by many analysts and still nothing has been done to prevent it then.

To conclude, we are not going to see a Great Depression of 1930 anytime soon but we are now witnessing daring and tempting economic crisis on a global scale making us wonder if the globalization is the key factor preventing the deeper recession and even depression.

Doomsday Clock

August 27th, 2011

Doomsday ClockDoomsday Clock has been run by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists since 1947 and it is a sorrow representation of how much time we have left until our civilization collapses due to nuclear catastrophe. The clock has moved 19 times thus far, with moving forward being much more used motion than backward. First movement of the doomsday clock was in 1949 when former Soviet Union has tested their first atomic bomb and Bulletin has predicted a long arms race correctly. After that clock has moved forward up until 1991 when due to iron curtain fall and fall of Soviet Union it has been moved backward to the lowest point in history (17 minutes before midnight).

Doomsday Clock

The clock is a symbolic clock which represents immediate danger of civilization collapse and it is thought out as analog clock whose minute hand moves closer to midnight as the danger rises or moves away from it as the situation improves. Nowadays we have much more danger zones than originally devised by the Bulletin. In other words the doomsday may come in variety of means including nuclear, environmental or other type of global event change. The problem is that doomsday clock has been started at the very beginning of a cold war era and has not changed since, taking into account only nuclear events on the global scale and that only of military nature.

How does it tick?

The doomsday clock is being adjusted annually by default if no short term disastrous event happens. The Bulletin’s board gathers various reports all around the world about global events and their influence on the planet health and from this data it conducts a research whether to move clock forward of backward. The recent events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor have raised much concern about commercial usage of nuclear power and its safety. Being the second largest catastrophe in commercial nuclear power exploitation and having in mind that the first one, Chernobyl catastrophe, has not moved the clock forward we can not expect that the judgment of the board will be to move the clock forward this time neither. However doomsday is not about cold war anymore – we do not have two superpowers in the arms race anymore – and many scientists agree that doomsday clock should be adjusted for new age.

What is the time?

Currently doomsday clock is showing 6 minutes before midnight and if expected by January 2012 we should see 5 minutes before midnight. The strong cause for an alarm of how we are treating our home planet and the lives of our fellow earthlings. Although initially devised as a strong pointer to an immediate nuclear crisis and during the years the clock has basically moved its minute hand only in affect to that kind of crisis, analytics are saying that doomsday clock should be a broader perspective clock to take into account other immediate dangers to our civilization. The 2007 clock movement did include climate change as a factor though however politics are still debating the issue ad nausea with strong headed sides even claiming there is no such thing as climate change despite the fact peering in their eyes.

Are we heading into another recession?

August 19th, 2011

Coined double dip by some economy analysts the fear of another recession has started to fill the news columns. The recession is a period when there is a negative economic growth for two subsequent quarters. We have seen two shy periods this year with second quarter sliding with only a tad bit more than 1 percent of growth. However recent debt ceiling increase and stagnating unemployment rate in the US is not helping the cause. Consumers are cautious and are cutting spending which in turn cuts of trade in end effect cuts the manufacturing and service industry. The circle closes back to employees who work in the industry having poor job security and the fear for the future.

The great recession of 2008

Following the stock options and other valuables hard fall the banking and monetary institutions were the biggest failures of the first recession in this century. The speculative nature of the investors investing in the stock valuables has shown its ugly teeth and led us firmly into 18 months of economic downfall. The global economy is like an ecosystem, when you raise some flora or fauna advantage you will see that other species suffer, if you do that for long enough period you will change the ecosystem temporary or permanently. The recuperation and the fix for the situation is going to take a long time, far longer than the time needed for the breakage. We are now in our second year since the great recession of 2008 and the economy as the whole is still recuperating and is very vulnerable.

Economy recuperation

In the first few months of the 2008 recession the imperative was on savings and expenses cuts. This is the right course of action at the start of a recession because consumer market is the last to recuperate being the last in the economy food chain. Once the signals from manufacturing and services has shown a shy growth the spending has to be increased to follow the recuperation train. Since the world economy is not the same in every country, entering recession and the state duration was different so were the measures governments did to recuperate from it. The US were among the first countries showing positive growth however almost two years later our spending is still not at the level before 2008 and we are still fearing of a job loss and other economic negativity. This closed circle does in fact lead us back to a negative economic growth.

Debt ceiling and cut of spending

The US debt ceiling raise is a strong signal that we are venturing in a wrong direction on a global scale. Our GDP growth is still small and we are almost at its peak by our debt – if GDP does fall like some analysts are saying we will be over our debt ceiling in a year or two. This would have disastrous consequences on the global world economy leading us not just in another recession but in a recession that would last for a few years. The measures Obama’s government is proposing regarding another round of cuts in spending is in my opinion a wrong turn too – since the recuperation of the last great recession is still not finished we need to actually increase spending and investing in order to fuel economic growth for at least a year more. We need to give breathing area to our industry to actually gain some profits for reinvestment and savings. I am not going into a debate about our debt now because there is no magic pill or a short term plan that can solve the issue.

Area 51

August 11th, 2011

Area 51Area 51 is the popular theme of many conspiracy theories and is the common ground of secrecy, government held secret programs, aliens and numerous other topics. From the informational standpoint the Area 51 is simply a military resort located near a lake. As any military resort it has high security and since they are in fact researching military technology the access to the Area 51 is very restricted. That secrecy behind Area 51 is what led many conspiracy and UFO theorists to go to lengths explaining what is being done there without even one shred of evidence. The facts are telling us that Area 51 does hold some secrecy within.

Area 51 – the facts

Ever since World War II the environment around Area 51 has been used for military purposes. This piece of Nevada desert is an excellent base for testing weapons and aircraft models. This was exactly the case during World War II and a decade behind it. In 1955 Lockheed took the property to test the new U-2 spy aircraft and this is when all the fuss about Area 51 has started. Cold war was in its inception and Soviets have had the area carefully topographic  surveyed from satellite. In the same time nuclear tests with atmospheric bombs were conducted and due to one of the tests fallout the area was temporary evacuated. Lockheed continued with the secret weapon testing and manufacturing throughout the years concluding with F-117 stealth bomber. The public is forbidden to enter the area and security personnel is permitted to use deadly force however deaths incidents are not recorded in Area 51 history. What most people who do pry on Area 51 receive is a hefty fine and perhaps an occasional visit from the FBI. The fact still remains that on all topographic maps Area 51 is being secluded and that no information about base layout exist in public.

Area 51 – Rockwell incident

Since the movie “Independence Day” we can read numerous blog entries linking the Area 51 with the Rockwell incident. Basically hype is that Area 51 is the most top secret military base located on the US soil and if we would be ever visited by extraterrestrials the base will be an excellent choice to conduct test on dead or alive visitors. Whether Rockwell incident in itself holds any water is the whole other topic, suffice it to say that I also agree that if Rockwell did happen as depicted in modern culture movies and books there is no better place to examine alien remains than the secluded and top secret grounds of Area 51. Official theory about weather balloons is shady to say the least and according to numerous documentaries filmed about Rockwell and people interviewed there is a bit more to it than we are officially led to believe. It could mean that we have had aliens or it could mean that some other top secret military project got awry.

Area 51 – modern culture

As mentioned, movie industry has explored Area 51 in depth making the military base topic or side topic of many movies. The same goes for modern literature and computer games. It is normal that we humans perceive secrecy as something alluring and that Area 51 top secrecy status in the real world does play with our imagination. As shown in the facts there are in fact some top secret experiments being held in the Area 51 whether we have been visited by aliens or that there are some time travel, teleportation or other science fiction involved with Area 51 remains a secret – although not very plausible.

President Barack Obama turned 50 today

August 4th, 2011

Barack ObamaAlthough his office running has not been stellar and of the great suspension everyone has expected, the shear fact that Barack Obama is the first elected president of African American heritage plays a very important role in the political debate of whether our president is running the office good or bad. In my humble opinion he is doing very good, he has set up in motion things that were on the paper for decades and is in the continuous process of correcting numerous mistakes previous office left him. And that alone is not an easy task – previous administration has left our country in a sea of debt, our military scattered all over the world doing pretty much errands for our home boys oil magnates. The relations between the US and China were low to say the least, our European partners were losing faith in our lead and we were slipping into a recession.

The recession

Years of monetary misconduct and various other gambling with ventures and options have lead our economy to a 20 month long recession. It would be silly to pin the recession on Obama’s administration when all the clues were gathering up throughout the years and long before Obama took office. In fact Obama’s administration has done an excellent job during and after the recession to ease up the burden there where it was the most needed. And we also did sail through that storm with more or less intact sails and mast.The changes promised in his campaign were very hard to follow and implement in the recession but somehow Obama has succeeded to bring some to the light despite that. Without the needed changes in health system and tax system Obama is still trying to polish and finish up, we will surely dive into even larger crisis. Mr. President you have my full support.

The American Debt

It is no secret that we are loaning money all over the place, this has been true for years and would probably hold true for few decades at least. The way president Obama took care of the problem is that his office has drafted a long term plan of lowering our debt and in the same time fixing the preset ceiling with major support from the Senate. Analysts are divided but consensus is that this could not have been drafted better than it is. We do have a bumpy road ahead and with large changes president Obama’s administration put in place we have a lot to work for to finally see the results.

Another term Mr. President?

So, happy birthday Mr. President may the life be tender on you and may you live to lead our great country through all the obstacles we have on our road. You surely have my vote for the next term and I hope that you will lead us to a better tomorrow like you have promised us to. It is too early to say but all the naysayers are slowly losing their argumentation and people have to agree that changes are tough. While on the subject, the changes president Obama’s administration is undertaking are huge and one mandate is not enough to implement them properly.

American debt consolidation

July 28th, 2011

How did we get here in the first place?

The american foreign debt skyrocketed last few years by more than 55 percent to an astronomical figure of US $10.7 trillion (that is number 10 and behind it has 12 zeros people). The key culprit of this astronomical debt our nation has gathered is the trade deficit. Trade deficit is when we import more goods and services than we do export – in the last years this deficit grew to very concerning 6 percent of our GDP. For comparison in such a situation smaller countries tremble into investors fleeing, currency devolving, central bank rising interest and whole nation of consumers and small businesses going bankrupt leading the country into recession. However the US economy is still among strongest economies in the world and we do produce ware and services of US $13.7 trillion worth per year making us good debtors. As with any debt you do not return only what you have lend but you also return interest rate otherwise there would be no benefit for lenders to lend us money would it? However in contrast to money sharks and other illegal lenders we can see in the movies, government led treasury bonds we sell (in the nutshell we lend money using them) have fixed interest rates and a predictable investment return policy thus they are pretty much secure investment for lenders.

Who is to blame?

It is clear as a day that people are feeling the pressure of our nation debt. Mortgage rates skyrocketed then they dropped for a short while then they stabilized on a higher rate then before last economic downfall. Huge national debt that we have is earned throughout the years, we are only seeing the tip of an iceberg now and the truth is that at least 15-20 years the debt has been growing and accumulating. Since we taxpayers are also voters and our vote goes to people leading our country – the obvious blame is on them. We as people could have lowered our nation debt by a few billion by the measures current and previous governments propose but note that this is only 100th or 200th slice of our cumulative debt over the years. Indirectly we are to blame because we haven’t listened to whistle blowers and have ignored all the media related stories and tossed them away like we would any uninteresting conspiracy theory. And we still voted those people into power – so it is our own fault to a degree.

What can we do now, realistically?

Since we are borrowing money from all around the world even from poor states (yes you read that right) the obvious and logical step would be to stop borrowing. This is however not possible in global economy – our monetary system would collapse and fast by the lack of liquid funds to fund our firefighters, policemen and state in general. What we need to do now is somewhere in between what republicans and democrats are arguing about in the Senate these days. We need to save more firstly, we as taxpayers nationally (our savings in the last year has a negative sign) and state as a whole. Those savings shouldn’t be over the top as republicans propose, they should be rational savings. And secondly we should try to lower our trade deficit by exporting more – or importing less. While we people cannot help the export directly we can help lower the import, try to buy american ware – also not as over the top but rationally – you would not suddenly buy all american, you can start with small portion of your needs.

Are we going to see bankrupt of the United States?

Very unlikely. Media is notorious for their shock stories and we have all heard what is needed for news to be sold/watched/read. Granted we are in a bad state with our American debt and issues should be dealt with and this has to be done now and swiftly – however we are not going to bankrupt the US any time soon.

Denver – Old West

July 21st, 2011

Old West

Old WestIn the modern and con-tempoary culture the old west is defined as a time and age where Americas settlers have moved west of the Rio Grande river all throughout the countryside towards the great mountain ranges making their path through the desert. In that migration voyage many stories were conceived and songs written on the subject of hard living, love and old west of course. Nowadays we still have remnants of the old west culture though dusty cowboy hat men are almost instinct you can still found a location or two holding that old west charm. Despite the times being very tough on the people of the era old west is most known for its romantic and charming tales.

Denver – Gold rush

It all has began when settlers discovered beside good soil for agriculture the shallow river basins of Colorado near and around today’s modern Denver. Settlements were built to accommodate numerous gold diggers and their families. Those are the roots of our Denver and from that small settlements grow up a city as we know today. We can be thankful to gold rush era and all the people that have settled in Denver area for founding our city. Gold rush has not lasted alas people have moved away but many have stayed behind switching their living to agriculture and live stock. Some argue that in the times following the gold rush is when the true old west soul of Denver has been conceived. However times after the gold rush were very tough and people were hard working to maintain their living conditions – in the other words there was nothing romantic or charming in the old west after the gold rush. Since tales of the old west tend to be on topic and subject of charm and romanticism we will stay true to the word and just pretend gold rush never has ended for purposes of our article.

Howdy stranger

Howdy StrangerThere is something to all that friendliness incorporated in the tales of the old west. There are tales of honor and compassion, love and hate, cowboys and Indians but the most touching stories begin with friendliness of the old west people. In howdy stranger we can recognize respect, no matter if you are a woman, child, what skin color you have or where are you from originally. In romantic old west everyone is welcome and is greeted with open hands. I have been playing Fallout: New Vegas lately and there you can see a modern representation of old west together with “howdy stranger” attitude. There is definitely something attractive in the good side of the old west coin. I almost wish if we would ever get visited by beings from another world that we would greet them “howdy stranger” and be marry on our way like nothing spectacular happened.

Denver – Old West

Despite being a modern 21st century metropolitan city Denver does retain a good deal of its old west inheritance. Make sure you do not miss our Buffalo Bill museum opened in 1921 with excellent insight in the old west culture and the time when Buffalo Bill legend was still alive. Denver also an excellent western art collection of art and memorabilia which you can see at Denver Art Museum. To finish our story, you can also visit old town Denver and see for yourself how the old west past merges in the modern era throughout the area. You can even be lucky to find a saloon like bar and perhaps somebody would even greet you with “howdy stranger“.